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Bill and Kathleen Hurley

“How did we get started with Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg? A cruise to the Bahamas, a lucky phone call, and someone else’s poor planning.

We had been on our 25th anniversary cruise to the Bahamas, and had a wonderful time dancing on the deck at midnight after our salsa lessons on board. We enjoyed this so much that we decided to try dance lessons here at home, and found a Groupon for local classes, but not an Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg Groupon. So, we went to the other place (which we discovered was in a converted warehouse) and tried to get scheduled for the advertised ballroom classes, and tried, and tried again, and we gave up on the other place.

We then Googled for local alternatives and found Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg. We called the studio, introduced ourselves to Sherry over the phone, and told her our sad story. Her response: “Can you come tonight for a group class?” Sixteen months later, we’re still here, having an amazing amount of fun with so many new friends. At the beginning, we were apprehensive since we knew so little, but our instructors got us over the jitters, other students encouraged us, and we realized that Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg could teach anybody, even us, to look terrific on the dance floor.”

Michelle Blume

“My cousin was getting married. I figured that I needed to get some lessons, so that I wouldn’t be the only one sitting down. I wanted it kept a secret from her, seeing as she is also takes lessons; however David told me to stay for the Thursday night party, and they showed up. The secret was ruined, but I decided to stay because Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg has made me so happy. Everyone has helped to turn me into a better person than I was before, and I would just like to say thank you all so much.”

Alana La Bel

“I used to rodeo for a hobby; steer riding and roping. I stopped competing and was looking for something to do to get me off the couch and ‘exercising’ again. I knew I needed something I’d be motivated to do socially and going to the gym is not my thing. I remembered always loving to dance and my actual thought was “Hmm, I wonder if Arthur Murray is still around?” Looked on the internet and sure enough – there was the Gaithersburg location. I started while the studio was temporarily at Clopper. I came for dance lessons and got way more than I ever expected. 🙂 “

Christopher G Byers

“For me dancing is not only a natural response to music, but indeed a unique way to connect with the music. The combination of dance and music facilitates an escape from the bustle of a hectic life. I chose to dance to integrate, expand, challenge, and celebrate every aspect of my being – mental, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. The team at Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg has been profoundly instrumental in helping me achieve these goals, and because of their cumulative positive energy, continuous support, and playful yet classy nature, they’re stuck with me indefinitely!

Alla Shtipelman

“I started dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg because I always wanted to dance but couldn’t find a partner that would be as committed to dancing as I am. I know that it would be a lifetime commitment for me and was having a hard time to find someone just as passionate about dancing as I am. I called a few dance studios and Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg was the first studio that told me that it’s not required to have a partner. I was in the studio the next day and couldn’t be happier!
For me dancing is like breathing, I must have it. Everyone at Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg is welcoming, kind and all of them are just great! They are stuck with me or I am stuck with them, whichever way I always count days until my next class.”

Jane Walton

“I took ballet and tap lessons from the age of three until in my 20s when I got married, so I have always loved to dance. Once my children started leaving home I found I had more time for myself (too much time to be honest) and I needed to fill in the huge gap left by my children. My son was getting married a couple of years ago, so I decided to learn ballroom dancing so I could try and look good on the dance floor. The studio has not only re-confirmed my love of dance, but has increased it ten-fold. Thank you to all concerned – the fabulous staff and my fellow students. Dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg has benefited me so much; helped me lose weight and brought my diabetes under control too. Who knew about the amazing health benefits of having fun dancing a few nights a week; and the studio has also provided me with an enormous wealth of wonderful friends and adventures. So, join Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg today!

David and Victoria Brown

“Thirty years ago, when I began dating my husband, we watched a ballroom full of people and he swore to me that if I wanted someone who could dance I’d have to pick someone else because he was never getting on the dance floor. Thirty years later, when our eldest son and his beautiful fiancé came to share their wedding plans, we knew we were in trouble. We went to Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg and signed up for a 10-week basic course with the goal of not embarrassing ourselves, or our son. Three and a half years later, we still come to dance on a regular basis, and it is the best time of our week. Our instructor, Clive, takes a personal interest in our lives and is more like a friend than a teacher. The rest of the staff knows us by name as well, and always have warm and friendly greetings. We feel very much at home when we are at the studio.”

Marianne B.

Our instructors are amazing teachers and can show us how to improve our dancing without making us feel awkward or dumb. Coming to Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg and dancing is always so much fun! You enter a world of beautiful music where everyone is happily dancing.”

Trong and Nhan-Ha Do

“Many years into our otherwise wonderful marriage, my wife asked me to learn ballroom dancing. Apparently, the occasional tennis game was no longer good enough to preserve marital bliss. Knowing what’s good for me, I dutifully studied the dance tapes she brought home from the local library, and attended the dance classes she had signed up for us at the local community center. This went on and off for more than a decade, and we still could not dance well enough for my lovely spouse not to feel embarrassed when we danced in public. I was simply a Neanderthal that could not be taught how to dance gracefully.

One day, she told me she had purchased a Groupon for two private lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Gaithersburg, and she suggested we give ballroom dancing another try. There is no quitting in this woman! By this point, I had given up on dancing, and glumly predicted that this attempt was going to be as futile as the ones preceding it. The first lesson with David, our assigned teacher, changed our outlook completely. I told people afterwards that in 45-minutes with David, I learned more about dancing than in the ten years prior. It was not how much he taught, but rather how well. He thrilled us with his ability to explain which body movements looked good and which ones did not, and most importantly, why. Additionally, his enthusiasm for ballroom dancing was contagious, something none of our previous teachers successfully shared.

Despite the initial positive experience, I concurred with my wife that ten lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg would be the most we’d ever need to be decent at social dancing. True enough, after the two Groupon classes and the ten lessons that followed, we had become proficient at all the newcomer dances, but to our surprise, we wanted to continue. Thus, we have been coming to the dance studio for a year and a half now. Beside lessons with David, we have also taken private classes with other teachers of Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Gaithersburg, and these classes have invariably been inspirational and provided us with the motivation to continue to become better.

Ballroom dancing, like any high-skill activity, requires a personal commitment to repetitive practice that facilitates proper evolution and improvement with the guidance of proficient teachers. Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg provides us with such an environment. After our graduation from the Bronze 1 program, I remarked to Elena, our student counselor, that it had taken an entire village (all the teachers at A M G, including Rowland and Sherry) to teach us how to dance; and Elena replied simply “that’s how it should be”. I am happy we found our village.”

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