Showcase Event @ Hilton Hotel in McLean, VA--STUDIO IS CLOSED!!!

Date: November / 20 / 2016
Showcase is an all-day event where students from all the Arthur Murray studios in the area get to show their choreographed routines. Along with routines, students have the opportunity to compete in the All-Around competition, as well as have an opportunity for social dancing.

Showcase is a great opportunity for students at all levels to "showcase" their own talent through a choreographed, minute and a half routine. The student may dance with their teacher or with another student or even in a large group of students which is called a Formation. For students who are not sure if a full choreographed routine is for them, we also have one minute Spotlights where, instead of choreography, the student will dance a pre-planned amalgamation of syllabus steps to a selected piece of music. It's the perfect way to experience Showcase for the first time.

This event is a one-day opportunity for the student to not only present their custom choreographed routine, but to also have some friendly competition with the All-Arounds portion of the day. All-Arounds, like Freestyles, is where the students dance at each level for two to four dances with either their teacher or another student.

At the end of the festivities, there is an opportunity for social dancing where students and teacher can dance the night away, as well as professional showcases (aka 'pro shows') where "teachers" have an opportunity to perform their choreographed routines.