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Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg

604 S Frederick Ave., Suite 100
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Dancing Feet – Arthur Murray GaithersburgPeople of all ages can benefit from ballroom dancing. Whether you have a dance background or you just want to explore a new hobby, ballroom styles allow you to have fun, stay active, meet new friends and much more. Once you take a class at the Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg, you’re bound to fall in love with ballroom and start enjoying its benefits right away. Contact us today to experience it for yourself.

Why Take Ballroom Dancing Lessons?

One of the best things about ballroom dancing is there are so many different styles to learn, and each one comes with its own unique set of benefits. For example, ballroom dancing is known to be:

  • A fun and exciting form of exercise. Across the board, dancing is great for burning fat, toning muscle, improving flexibility and building endurance. Even the simple act of learning to hold your posture can benefit your body. Lindy Hop in particular is one of the most athletic types of ballroom, as it involves jumps, twists and flips, while styles like the Jive and Quick Step serve as great cardio and core-strengthening workouts. Other styles have more low-impact activities, making them ideal for bone and joint health.
  • A great way to make connections. Unlike ballet and other types of dance, ballroom typically involves a partner. So whether you’re looking for a romantic date night, want to spice up your relationship or you’re just hoping to make new friends, ballroom dancing has you covered.
  • Self-empowering. Ballroom dancing helps you develop a sense of purpose, all while increasing your self-esteem and lowering stress levels. Some styles, like the Waltz, even help you feel more elegant and confident as you glide across the dance floor.

In general, anyone taking ballroom lessons can expect to improve their mind, body and spirit. Depending on what stage of life they’re in, everyone hopes to get something different out of dance. So whether you just want to express your creativity or discover a new activity, you’ll be sure to leave each class feeling uplifted with a positive outlook on life.

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