Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg
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604 S Frederick Ave., Suite 100
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

We Are Open! Keeping You Safe. Click for details.

Our phased reopening began Saturday, June 20th. Montgomery County has moved into Phase 2, and so have we!

Are you ready to schedule a dance lesson?

We are Ready for you – virtually or in person

As we begin dancing together again, please know our goal is to reduce risk to you, our students, and our staff, to your individual comings and goings, and to how dance lessons will be conducted.

We hold your health and well-being as one of our highest priorities. Our entire team will use state and local health guidance and recommendations (CDC & MDH) to keep the studio safe and clean.

Here’s what to expect:

  • We will be offering private lessons by appointment only. Lessons will be the usual 40 minutes.
  • We are requiring the use of a face covering for both students and staff (and anyone else entering the studio). You will need to wear a properly fitting face cover at all times while in the studio. For a CDC-recommended face covering, please follow this link: face covering.
  • [For current students] Please pay for your lesson prior to your arrival. This will ensure ample time for safe and smooth transitions between lessons.
    • This only applies if you are not on auto-deduct or have no paid lessons on your account.
    • All accounts must be current (balance of $0.00) in order to schedule an appointment.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your lesson time.
  • Because we are no longer using the hallway coat closet or communal storage areas, please limit what you bring to your dance lesson.
  • Before entering the building, call (301-590-0387) to alert a staff member that you have arrived and are ready to meet a staff member in the hallway at the studio door. This is the only way you can gain entrance to the studio.
  • Upon meeting the studio staff member, you will be asked a few screening questions, and have your temperature taken with an infrared no-touch thermometer.
  • Staff will then lead you to the restroom to wash your hands.
  • After washing your hands, your teacher will lead you to your assigned Ballroom.
  • Your teacher will have prepared your binder / folder and placed it in your assigned ballroom.
  • Confirm with your instructor your preference for a touch or no-touch lesson.
  • Once you’re ready to boogie, please put on gloves or use hand sanitizer. One or the other is required. Then, have a wonderful lesson!
  • As your lesson comes to an end:
    • We ask that you please change your shoes, gather your belongings and exit the studio, using the appropriate door as promptly as possible so that we can sanitize the space for upcoming lessons.
    • If you are in the Front Ballroom (off the lobby), your teacher will guide you to exit the building via the front door of the 604 building. If you are in the Main Ballroom (in front or behind the curtain), your teacher will guide you to exit the studio via the Main Ballroom exit door.

To see the other measures we are implementing to mitigate risks to your health; click here

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Arthur Murray Dance Center of Gaithersburg: 604 S Frederick Ave., Suite 100
Gaithersburg, MD 20877 | Phone: 301-590-0387301-590-0387
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